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Psikoloji Rehberi'nin oluşturulması sürecinde yararlanılan kaynakların listesidir :

Bandura A. & Walters R.H. : Social Learning and Personality Development
Bartlett F.C. : Remembering
Bowlby J. : Attachment and Loss
Bowlby J. : Maternal Care and Mental Health
Bruner J.S. & Minturn A.L. : Perceptual Identification and Perceptual Organization
Butler G. & McManus F. : Psychology-A Very Short Introduction
Butterworth G. & Harris M. : Principles of Developmental Psychology
Cattell R.B. : Theory of Fluid and Crystallized Intelligence : A Critical Experiment
Coolican H. : Applied Psychology
Erikson E.H. : Identity, Youth and Crisis
Eynseck M.W. : Principles of Cognitive Psychology
Eysenck H.J. : Fact and Fiction in Psychology
Gleitman H. : Psychology
Greoeger J.A. : Memory and Remembering
Gross R.D. : Key Studies in Psychology
James W. : The Principles of Psychology
Kalat J.W. : Biological Psychology
Levine M. : Hypothesis Theory and Non-Learning Despite Ideal
Lord C.G. : Social Psychology
Luria A.R. : The Mind of a Mnemonist
Maslow A.H. : Motivation and Personality
Milgram S. : Obedience to Authority
Miura I.T. & Okamoto Y. Kim & Chang C. : Comparisons of Children's Representation of Number
Myers D.G. : The Pursuits of Happiness
Ornstein R. : The Evolution of Consciousness:The Origins of the Way We Think
Sacks O. : The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat
Schachter S. & Singer J.R. : Cognitive,Social and Physiological Determinants of Emotional State
Sherif M. & Harvey O.J. & White B. & Hood W.R. : Intergroup Conflict and Co-Operation : The Robbers Cave Experiment
Sternberg R.J. : Cognitive Psychology
Storr A. : The Art of Psychoterapy
Sutherland S. : Irrationality : The Enemy Within
Wade C. & Tavris C. : Psychology
Weiskrantz L. : Consciousness Lost and Fourd
Westen D. : Psychology : Mind,Brain and Culture