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Newsletter From Psychology Spring-August 8, 1998

Upcoming Psychological Conferences in Europe

The conferences are ordered by date. The conference language is indicated by the following abbreviations:

[E] - English [G] - German [Fr] - French [?] - unknown

1998-08= 02.-06.08.1998 Stockholm, Sweden [E / Fr] 14th International Congress of the International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions (IACAPAP) Topic: Trauma and Recovery - Care of Children by 21st Century Clinicians Further information: URL=

1998-08= 27.08.1998 Amsterdam, Nethlands [E] Looking for stages. Symposium on the occasion of Andries Sanders becoming Professor Emiritus Topic: Attention and Performance Further information: URL=

1998-08= 29.-30.08.1998 Manchester, GB [E] Gendys '98 Gender Dysphoria conference Topic: Networking conference for genderdysphoric people, transexuals and transgendered, and professional and lay carers. Further information: URL=

1998-08/09= 31.08-02.09.1998 Vienna, Austria [E] The 12th Conference of the European Health Psychology Society Topic: Prevention and Intervention Further information: URL=

1998-09= 04.-05.09.1998 Yorkshire, England, UK [E] Psychology & Psychotherapy Association: Badness and Taboo Further information: Email: (Penny Copinger Binns)

1998-09= 25.-27.09.1998 Newcastle upon Tyne, UK [E] Addictions '98: Comorbidity Across the Addictions Topic: This inter-disciplinary symposium will present recent research on the prevalence and characteristics of various types of comorbidity, what evidence exists for the effectiveness of different treatment and preventative approaches, and the most recent, internationally-based thinking on service development and national policies relevant to comorbidity. Further information: Email: (Amy Richardson)

1998-10= 19.-24.10.1998 Naples and Ischia, Italy [E] Emotions, Qualia and Consciousness Further information: URL=

1998-11= 12.-15.11.1998 Turin, Italy [It] IX Italian Behavioral-Cognitive Therapy Society Further information: URL=

1998-11= 19.-21.11.1998 Barcelona, Spain [E, Sp, Catalan (simultaneous translation)] 2nd European Conference. Improving the Quality of Mental Health Services Topic: The aim of the conference is to stimulate improvements in mental health care quality though the creation of a European forum where initiatives may be examined, knowledge of the theoretical and practical issues involved in improving quality may be acquired and where debate and contact between professionals from all over Europe is made possible. This event is cosponsored by the World Health Organisation. Further information: Email:

1998-11= 20.11.1998 The Hague, The Netherlands [E] New developments in Treatment and Research of Eating Disorders Topic: Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder Further information: URL=

1998-11= 26.-28.11.1998 Granada, Spain [Sp] International Symposium on Phobias and other Anxiety Problems Further information: URL=

1999-01= 11.-13.01.1999 Stockholm, Sweden [E] Health Hazards and Challanges in the New Working Life Further Information: URL=

1999-03= 11.-14.03.1999 Graz, Austria [G / E] Das Problem der Wirkung Topic: 11. wissenschaftliche Arbeitstagung der Gesellschaft für Gestalttheorie und ihre Anwendungen (GTA). Further Information: URL=

1999-05= 13.-15.05.1999 Salzburg, Austria [G] AD / HS - Aufmerksamkeitsdefizit / Hyperaktivitätsstörung bei Kindern, Jugendlichen und Erwachsenen Topic: In dieser Konferenz werden Wissenschaftler, erfahrene Pädagogen und Therapeuten und Betroffene (z. B. Eltern) aus den USA, England und dem deutschen Sprachraum möglichst umfassend über den gegenwärtigen Stand von Erscheinungsbildern, Ursachen und Behandlungsmöglichkeiten in Vorträgen und Seminaren berichten. Further Information: Email: (Dr. Christian Gross)

1999-05= 13.-15.05.1999 Basel, Switzerland [G] Der Wahnsinn der Normalität Further Information: Email: (Dr. Christian Gross)

1999-09= 01.-05.09.1999 Island of Spetses, Greece [E] IX European Conference on Developmental Psychology Topic: Human Development at the turn of the century Further Information: URL=

2000-07= 23.-28.07.2000 Stockholm, Sweden [E] XXVII International Congress of Psychology Further Information: URL=

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