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Calculate your MEDICAL age!

Personality analysis program helps you understand yourself and others

Dealing With the Angry Child

A Program To Assess Your Level Of Depression

Computerized Dissocative Experiances Scale/Tester

Examine and rate what you fear

Self-Care Skills for Parenting Attention Different Children

Test for minimal brain dysfunction

Text Test of your mental flexibility and creativity

Program for exploratory, univariate statistical analysis of survival data

Exercises To Improve Your Memory

Mental Test Program to test and evaluate your own personality

The Pennsylvania Psychological Association offers answers to 10 frequently asked questions about parenting, dealing with toddlers crying, play therapy, stuttering,school readiness, mental retardation, gifted children, obesity, discipline, etc.

Personality Analysis System

Personality Profile For Windows Answer a few questions and get an inside look at your personality

Interactive program to get info on various psychiatric medications

Pain and psychosocial assessment program. This program provides interpretation.

Program based on Ray Psychology to tell you the kind or person that you are

Interactive personality test

Resources for child abuse recovery

Neuroanatomy game

Handwriting analysis program

Rating scale for the negative symptoms of schizophrenia

Program to help stop smoking

IQ program for Windows